Oakeson Physical Therapy


The following are testimonials of patients who have been treated at the Oakeson Physical Therapy.

I would like to offer some words of thanks and commendation to Collin Hittle, my physical therapist for the past few months for my leg/ankle injury (torn Achillesí tendon). God is our ultimate healer, but Collin was instrumental in my recovery and return to near-normalcy in standing, walking, etc. after my injury and being in immobilization boots for several months (removed while under his care). Collin examined my situation regularly and directed me with different techniques at every visit, along with directions for several stretches and exercises to do daily at home. My podiatrist and potential surgeon who examined me after my injury with ultrasound and MRI both indicated that surgery was necessary, but not possible until my high blood sugar was brought under better control, with physical therapy prescribed during the interim. Months now after adding a long-acting insulin to my three other related medications, my blood sugar is STILL not under sufficient control, but the therapy that Iíve had with Collin has resulted in such significant improvement that I will not be seeking the originally-indicated surgery at all, as I have long been virtually pain-free and have resumed my normal activities (other than climbing extension ladders and doing strenuous mountain hikes, at least for now to be extra safe). I observed Collinís interactions with other patients while I was at your facility each week, and he treated them all the same way that he did me Ė with professional expertise, personal care, encouragement, empathy, and a healthy dose of good humor. Iím very grateful for his help and would highly recommend him to anyone else who might be in need of his services. Many thanks to Collin!

Best regards,

- B.L.

Good evening, Ian
I want to take the time to thank you for the nice welcoming towards my mom yesterday. Berni was also very kind and helpful. I appreciate your time and treatment plan offered to my mom right away.

God bless

- Berenice S.

I saw Bob (Oakeson) as a referral from my primary care physician for vestibular rehab. Bob explained everything to me and took his time with treatment. I\'ve been in PT before in another state...but have never been treated so well as at Oakeson Physical Therapy. Thank you to Bob and all the staff.
- Donah D.

I have two months prescribed PT for a broken leg. I'm so happy to have found such a nice place. They are professional and kind from the moment you get to the office till your session is over. They never make you feel like they are rushing you along. They take personal interest in you and your situations that relate to your injury. It's too bad every doctor's office is not like this one. They set the standard for what medical care should be.
- Suzanne W.

Dear Ian & Staff,
Thank you so, so much. You guys have been the best support team over the last year and a half and i'm going to miss you all so much!
-Love, MS

As a patient, you know that you have to trust someone that you hardly know with something so vital to your quality of life as your mobility.  You took the time and made the effort to earn that trust from each of your clients.  I know that you will say that it is just doing your job, but it is the difference between treating and injury and treating the patient.  It is that difference that makes me feel so fortunate that you were the one to guide me through this process.
- Kim

I've been coming here since my innitial visit in 2010 from a wreck on the job and would go no where else unless absolutely HAD to! Great staff, great therapists (yay Ian!) and their new facility is just awesome!
- Penny

The word professional describes Oakeson Physical Therapy.  Your total understanding of the body is evident by the great progress I have made.  . . I could recommend you to anyone.  You are good at what you do.
- Mary

I really appreciate all of your help and especially the fact that you always cheered me up, no matter how awful  felt.
- I. S.

Experienced therapists that get results, a friendly staff, and a beautiful spacious facility. I sometimes forget that I'm getting therapy - it could be a spa!
- Renee

Thank you so much for your excellent care.  I feel so much better since the therapy.  Also, want to thank your lovely receptionists.  They are so kind and gentle. . .
- Patricia

You folks have been just tremendous and I will always remember you fondly.  Thank you so much for your truly professional help in my recovery.
- C. Y.

I needed physical therapy for Vertigo and after searching the greater Phoenix area, I decided on Oakeson PT. I have had to have Physical therapy several times due to numerous surgeries, so I wanted a PT that only worked with the actual therapist instead of an assistant and I was so pleased with my experience here. I saw Bob for 2 visits and started feeling better soon after my first visit. A couple of things really stood out to me about Oakeson: 1. They treated me like I had been there all my life even though I was a brand new patient. They even put my name on a board welcoming me as a new patient -very nice personal touch. 2. Bob was extremely knowledgeable about Vertigo and shared his knowledge with me to help me understand what treatment he was performing. 3. I was able to get in to see the therapist very quickly; no need to wait weeks for help! 4. The thing that stood out the most is that Bob didn't try to drag out my therapy. I saw him 2 times and he said that if I wasn't feeling better after my second visit to just call and they would get me in again. I was so impressed that they didn't try to extend my treatment for the sake of extending it but instead allowed me to make the decision solely on my own body. This is such an honest way to do business and they have gained a customer for life because of it. I would highly recommend Oakeson Physical Therapy to anyone looking for therapy where you are actually treated by doctors and not assistants and a honest, compassionate company. Keep up the great work!
- Kim B