Oakeson Physical Therapy


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long does a typical therapy session last?
A.  Most treatment sessions last between 45 minutes and an hour. For your initial evaluation, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork so we can start your session on time.
Q.  Will I see the same therapist at every treatment session?
A.  Yes. We typically schedule all sessions with the same therapist if at all possible. We like to provide the best continuity of care possible. Situations do arise that would require you to see a different therapist but rest assured that you will always receive the highest level of care.
Q.  I have heard that physical therapy can be painful, is that true?
A.   In general, physical therapy should alleviate your pain, not increase it. That is our goal. There can be soreness associated with beginning a new type of exercise routine or a new treatment.  It is very important that you openly discuss your symptoms with your therapist.  We need your feedback in order to develop the best treatment plan for you.
Q.  Will you communicate with my doctor regarding my progress?
A.  Absolutely. After the initial evaluation, your physician will be notified of our findings as well as our plan of care.  We will also keep him or her informed of your progress.  Please let us know when you have scheduled a physician follow-up so we can make sure that your physician is aware of your progress in physical therapy.  If you were referred by a specialist, we will also keep your primary care physician updated on your progress.
Q.  What can I expect on my first visit? 
A.  The first physical therapy session in our Peoria location includes an evaluation as well as treatment.  We will first sit down with you and discuss the cause of your symptoms as well as your history.  You should feel free to ask any questions of us as well.  We often take some baseline measurements of strength, mobility and ROM and work with you to develop an effective treatment plan.  You may be instructed in exercises that you can perform at home as well.
Q.  Do I need a prescription from my physician to be seen for an initial evaluation?
A.  In the state of Arizona, you do not need a prescription to be seen by a physical therapist.  Having said that, most insurance companies do still require one.  The prescription can come from a primary care physician or a specialist.  It should be no more than 30 days old for insurance purposes.  We can work with you to get a prescription as well.
Q.  Do therapists specialize in treating a specific joint/body part?
A.   Therapists do not specialize while in school but tend to work in one specialty after graduating. The therapists at Oakeson Physical Therapy have many years of combined orthopedic experience and have furthered their education in this field. They are all capable or treating all types of orthopedic conditions though they may use different approaches.
Q.  What type of clothing should I wear to my treatment sessions?
A.  We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes to physical therapy.  It is likely that you will exercise while here so plan to wear something that will allow you to move freely.  It is often helpful if we can see the involved area.  For example, bring shorts if we are treating your knee or a loose fitting t-shirt if we are treating your shoulder. 

Q.  I had an MRI or x-rays done, do you have a copy of the report?
A.  We do not receive copies of MRIs and X-rays directly from your physician.  It is often helpful to us if you bring a copy of the report from an MRI.  The actual films are not necessary.  It is not imperative to your treatment that you bring these to your initial visit.
Q.  My doctor said that I should come to physical therapy three times per week.  This is not feasible for me.  Will I still get better if I don't come as often?
A.  During your initial evaluation, you can discuss the necessary frequency with your therapist. This will vary from person to person and also depends on your condition.
Q.  How do I know what my insurance will cover?
A.  \ Your insurance benefits will be verified prior to your first appointment. This will be discussed with you in detail at your initial evaluation. If you have further insurance questions, please feel free to contact our front office or billing office.